Permanent Peace
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“Today we urgently need a new, more fundamental approach to peace that can neutralize the very basis of terrorism and war.”

John Hagelin, PhD
Global Union of
Scientists for Peace


Can we permanently stop
terrorism and war?

If 50 demonstration projects and 23 published scientific studies can be believed, the answer is Yes.

If this large body of evidence—accepted and published by mainstream scientific journals—is accurate, groups of peace-creating experts can dramatically reduce violent crime, terrorism, and war.

If the scientific process is meaningful, ancient sages were correct about the peace-creating power of human consciousness. Modern science and timeless wisdom have come together in a practical, powerful technology of peace. MORE >

“I think this research evidence on a new approach to peace, and the theory that informs it, deserve the most serious consideration by academics, policy makers and concerned citizens alike.”
David Edwards, PhD
Professor of Government
University of Texas (Austin)