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What's the Source?
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The Vedic tradition
What is the connection to yoga?
The Founder

What’s the Source?

Pandits have preserved
the Vedic knowledge

The Vedic (VAY-dik) tradition of knowledge, based on the vast Vedic literature, is the oldest continuous tradition of knowledge in the world. The Vedic tradition includes detailed information on a wide range of topics—from astronomy to music, from architecture to health care. But it focuses especially on knowledge about consciousness, technologies of consciousness, and evolution to enlightenment—the highest state of human functioning. DETAILS >

Note: People sometimes assume that the Vedic wisdom is a cultural tradition, relevant only in India. But Newton’s laws of motion are not English or Christian, nor Einstein’s theory of relativity German or Jewish. Scientific discoveries are true for all people, all cultures. Now that central tenets of the Vedic wisdom have been verified scientifically—the unified field, the fourth state of consciousness, growth of the individual toward enlightenment, and the peace-creating effect of large groups of meditators—a large body of objective evidence indicates that Vedic knowledge is universally valid, and useful to people from every culture, tradition and walk of life.

Mahesh Yogi

The founder: Nearly fifty years of constant teaching activity around the world have made His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi widely known and revered. Having received his university degree in physics before studying with the most illustrious recent master of the Vedic tradition (His Divinity Brahmanda Saraswati), Maharishi combines expertise from both modern science and ancient wisdom. He has thus been uniquely qualified to bring about a synthesis of objective, materialist science with the subjective Vedic science of consciousness. For his contributions to this profound body of knowledge, Maharishi is widely recognized as the world’s foremost Vedic scholar, as well as the leading scientist of consciousness. For his practical ability to teach the transcending process, and open the experience of the unified field (in Transcendental Consciousness) to millions around the world, he is similarly understood to be the most effective teacher of enlightenment in many generations. DETAILS >

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