Permanent Peace
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What's the Source?
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What is the connection to yoga?
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What is the connection to yoga?

This peace-creating approach is a direct application of the science of yoga. In the West, yoga often means physical stretching exercises—which, well-taught and carefully practiced, can be beneficial for both body and mind. But the word yoga actually means union (as in yoke). It refers, most fundamentally, to the union of the individual human mind with the unified field—the attunement of individual intelligence with the cosmic intelligence that governs the vast universe without a problem.

Maharishi explains that this experience of yoga, of union with all the laws of nature at their source, stimulates the unified field—producing a radiating field effect of consciousness that can be measured as reduced crime, warfare and terrorism. Thus yoga, understood most fundamentally, yields that union with cosmic intelligence that transforms both individual and social life.

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