Permanent Peace
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What's the Source?
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The Vedic tradition
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The Founder

The Founder

Mahesh Yogi

Nearly fifty years of constant teaching activity around the world have made His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi widely known and revered. He is the latest significant teacher in the long history of the Vedic tradition. Having received his university degree in physics before studying with the most illustrious recent master of the Vedic tradition (His Divinity Brahmanda Saraswati), Maharishi combines expertise from both modern science and ancient wisdom. He has thus been uniquely qualified to bring about a synthesis of objective, materialist science with the subjective Vedic science of consciousness. For his contributions to this profound body of knowledge (in more than 20 books and 14,000 hours of videotaped lectures), Maharishi is widely recognized as the world’s foremost Vedic scholar, as well as its leading scientist of consciousness.

World headquarters for
Transcendental Meditation

It was due to Maharishi’s constant inspiration to researchers, and his clear predictions about measurable results, that research on his Transcendental Meditation technique first made meditation, and Transcendental Consciousness, scientific realities. After the appearance of more than 600 studies, Maharishi’s success in establishing the benefits of meditation for the individual can be judged, in part, by nearly $20 million in federal research grants awarded to scientists at Maharishi University of Management (Fairfield, Iowa) for in-depth studies on the TM technique. Maharishi now oversees a teaching organization established in nearly 100 countries around the world.

After long centuries of confusion, Maharishi has brought to light the Vedic truth that meditation is not based on effort and concentration, but rather takes place spontaneously and naturally once the mind is given the correct start. It is this transformation in understanding, embodied in his Transcendental Meditation technique, which has opened the benefits of meditation to people of all cultures and walks of life. For his ability to teach the transcending process, and make available the experience of the unified field (in Transcendental Consciousness) to people of all ages, religions, and walks of life, he is recognized worldwide as the most effective teacher of enlightenment in many generations. For centuries into the past, only a few people were deemed worthy of meditation, and society as a whole was left to fend for itself, but Maharishi’s stated goals are to bring enlightenment to every individual on Earth, and to establish a state of permanent peace in the world.

As this site is created, terrorism and war endanger the world. Maharishi, however, has revived the knowledge of peace creation—the use of large groups of peace-creating experts to radiate a measurable influence of harmony and coherence into society. He is determined not to wait for governments to act, but to assemble and maintain large peace-creating groups as quickly as possible. At this dangerous time in world history, all people who love peace are invited to participate—to take part in this historic undertaking to bring an end to the age-old legacy of violence and war, and to create a permanent state of peace on Earth. (Please see What can I do?)

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