Permanent Peace
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Transcendental Consciousness Defined

The power of peace-creating groups depends upon the experience of Transcendental Consciousness. The mind settles down to a state of inner peace—by experiencing the unified field, the physical field of peace.

To attain Transcendental Consciousness, each peace-creating expert is experienced in transcending—allowing the mind to settle down deep inside. The awareness becomes increasingly quiet—experiencing thought at increasingly subtle levels—until at last the mind transcends thought altogether. It remains wide awake, but undisturbed by even the faintest activity of thought. This is a state of restful alertness, of inner peace—the experience of Transcendental Consciousness.

In the Vedic science of consciousness, the experience of Transcendental Consciousness is said to be profound. It allows the mind to experience the deepest level of its own intelligence, which is described as the deepest level of the intelligence displayed everywhere in nature—the unified field of all the laws of nature. The technology of transcending thus allows the individual mind to align itself with all the laws of nature at their source.

By attuning the individual with the unified field, Transcendental Consciousness leads to profound growth by the individual. By enlivening the unified field (the common source of all the disparate aspects in the environment), the experience of Transcendental Consciousness by groups of peace-creating experts produces an easily measurable influence of coherence and harmony throughout society.

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