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Creating Peace:
Four Central Concepts

In the last quarter century modern science has begun to catch up with ancient wisdom. Physicists and physiologists have validated timeless Vedic understandings of both the natural world and human consciousness. These discoveries have given scientific definition to an ageless truth: Nature and human nature are united at their source.

The Vedic theory
In the Vedic science of consciousness as brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and validated by the latest quantum field theories, the field of consciousness is defined as one underlying and completely unified field of pure intelligence that is the source of the entire natural world —an abstract, nonmaterial field of that can be directly contacted (and experienced) by the human mind.

This basic understanding expands into four components—four Vedic concepts that have been extensively validated by both scientific theory and experiment.

The discovery of one unified field of all the laws of nature. Even thousands of years ago the Vedic tradition clearly indicated that all of manifest creation emerges from a common source—from a single, unified field of pure intelligence. As the ocean is the basis of all its diverse waves, so one nonmaterial, transcendental, and unified field of intelligence (or consciousness) is said to underlie all the diversity in the physical universe.

In recent decades, quantum physics has revealed that, in fact, such a nonmaterial, transcendental and unified field does exist at the basis of the natural world. In the latest superstring theories, all the superficially distinct force and particle fields of nature find their common source in a single superstring field—one unified field of all the laws of nature. Like the ocean that gives rise to all waves, this unified field spontaneously gives rise to all the forces and sub-atomic particles—all the basic building blocks that structure our universe.

It is significant, from the standpoint of peace creation, that this unified field discovered by quantum theorists can be understood as a physical field of peace. It is a field of silence more basic than (transcendental to) the constant activity at every more superficial level nature’s functioning. Moreover, as the source of all the laws of nature, this fundamental unified field can be seen as the most basic level of the organizing intelligence of nature.

The human mind can contact
the unified field
Transcendental Consciousness: In the descriptions of the Vedic science of consciousness, this unified field of nature’s intelligence can be directly experienced by the human mind. As a seemingly isolated wave can settle down to merge with the ocean, so the normally active human mind can settle down to its source. By thus opening itself to the most basic level of its own intelligence, the mind also opens itself to the most basic level of nature’s intelligence—the unified field of all the laws of nature. In fact, in the Vedic descriptions, the most basic level of human intelligence is identical with the unified field. Thus, in this state of least excitation of human consciousness, this state of inner peace, the mind gains access to the limitless intelligence of nature.

It is significant, from the standpoint of scientific investigation, that this opening to the unified field is said to take place in Transcendental Consciousness—a unique fourth state of consciousness. Vedic science describes this fourth state of consciousness as completely different from the three commonly experienced states of waking, sleeping, and dreaming. This description opens Transcendental Consciousness to scientific investigation because researchers can distinguish overall states of consciousness through physiological measurement. In the last fifty years, Transcendental Consciousness has been identified scientifically as a fourth major state of consciousness—characterized by deep physiological relaxation and increased brain wave coherence.

3. Evolution of the individual. The profound significance of the unified field and its experience in Transcendental Consciousness first appears as individual growth. The Vedic science of consciousness indicates that, as the individual awareness repeatedly opens itself to the unified field (during Transcendental Consciousness), the human mind and body rapidly evolve toward higher levels of functioning. As watering the root of a tree nourishes every branch and leaf, so direct experience of the most fundamental level of nature’s intelligence enhances individual life in many ways.

Hundreds of published studies have documented such growth. These studies show that regular experience of Transcendental Consciousness leads to dramatic improvement in mental abilities, psychological development, and physical health. The experience of Transcendental Consciousness allows rapid and measurable evolution toward enlightenment—the highest state of human functioning.


Peace in the world. In a deeply troubled world, the peace-creating effects of Transcendental Consciousness seem even more significant. When a large group of experts experience Transcendental Consciousness all together—enjoying the profound peace of the unified field—this powerful influence of peace radiates into the entire society. Fifty demonstration projects and 23 published studies have identified this radiating influence of peace, as measured by reduced crime, accidents, warfare, and terrorism.

One conclusion from this research is that even a relative handful of peace-creating experts, as they become fully attuned to the unified field of natural law, can create an indomitable influence of unity and coherence in the collective consciousness of any nation. This internal coherence resists invasion from external enemies.

A second conclusion from this research is that, if the peace-creating group is large enough, stress and negativity can be dissolved all around the world. Rather than simply creating a shield that keeps enemies out, such a large group actually prevents the emergence of an enemy. This allows true defense for any nation—by defusing the acute political, religious and ethnic tensions that fuel terrorism and war.

These four basic elements of Vedic science are now well-documented components of a long-lost science of consciousness. Persuasive evidence indicates that modern science and ancient wisdom have joined hands in a profound theory and technology of peace.

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“The culmination of modern science has been the recent discovery of completely unified field theories. These theories, based on the “superstring,” identify a single, universal field of nature’s intelligence at the basis of all the forms and phenomena in the universe—a fountainhead of all known laws of nature.”

John Hagelin, PhD

Quantum physicist

Director, Institute of

Science, Technology

and Public Policy