Permanent Peace
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Effect on Governmental Performance

In addition to the beneficial effects on crime, warfare, terrorism, and economic distress, peace-creating groups should also, in theory, enhance governmental achievement. In Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s theory of government, if a nation’s collective consciousness is stressed and disorderly, then the government will mirror that stress and incoherence in its decisions and actions. This explains why good people may be elected to office, but find they can’t achieve their announced goals. Government is a reflection of the nation’s collective consciousness. The population as a whole gets the government it deserves.

Enhanced Governmental Coherence and Improved International Relations

The effect of peace-creating groups on governmental performance has been tested in an eight-year study that looked at the behavior of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The study tracked the behavior of both countries in relation to attendance changes at the long-running peace-creating assembly at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA. The monthly data about the actions of the United States and the Soviet Union were gathered (and each action rated as positive or negative, harmonious or threatening) by the independent Zurich Project on East-West Relations.

During months following periods when the peace-creating assembly reached 1500, the Zurich Project data indicated a significant improvement in U.S. actions towards the Soviet Union (upper graph). When the group size increased further, Soviet actions towards the U.S. also improved (lower graph).

Taking all the studies on peace-creating groups together, the conclusion is profoundly encouraging. These studies show that these groups reduce warfare, terrorism and crime, while they also enhance economic growth and improve governmental coherence. When peace is generated from a level deep enough, in other words—from the unified field, the most profound level of nature’s intelligence—the result appears positive in all directions. Certainly there is no other systematic program, thoroughly validated through independently accepted scientific research, that promises to protect America while it creates permanent peace around the world.

Reference: Gelderloos P., Cavanaugh, K.L., & Davies, J.L. (1990). The dynamics of U.S.-Soviet relations, 1979–1986: Effects of reducing social stress through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program. In Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Alexandria, VA(1990): American Statistical Association.

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