Permanent Peace
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The Core Idea

The Core Idea

Peace-creating groups use technologies known and perfected over thousands of years in the timeless Vedic (VAY-dik) tradition—a tradition of knowledge long preserved (though recently almost forgotten) in India. Both the Vedic technologies and the theories behind them have been verified by objective evidence and the most advanced scientific theories.

From this combined perspective of ancient wisdom and modern science, here is the core idea: Large groups of peace-creating experts dissolve social stress—the acute political, religious and ethnic tensions that fuel crime, terrorism and war.

The Evidence
More than 50 demonstration projects and 23 published scientific studies have shown one clear result:

Whenever attendance at a peace-creating assembly has increased, violent crime, warfare and terrorism have all decreased.

Even more impressively, when attendance at such an assembly has gone up and down repeatedly, the statistics on violence have gone down and up with strong (inverse) correlation (for details on the research, click here).

The Theory
Said briefly, this new technology of peace appears to be wireless. Just as radio stations radiate music through the underlying electromagnetic field, so groups of peace-creating experts appear to radiate harmony and peacefulness through an underlying field of consciousness.

As we will see, a field theory of consciousness has been revived in this scientific age by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program. The result is a completely unified understanding of consciousness and the physical world.

The resulting science of consciousness, which Maharishi calls Vedic science, provides the most urgently needed of all technologies—a practical program for the creation of peace.

Taking peace into our own hands
Now we know that the world need not be defenseless against terrorist attacks—nor helpless to stop brutal military counterattacks. Both evidence and theory indicate that we can stop terrorism and war permanently. And if the politicians won’t act on this discovery, then we, the people, can do it ourselves—taking peace into our own hands. Here’s how.

Note: There are good reasons why people try the Transcendental Meditation technique for their own benefit. To support a group of peace-creating experts, however, it is not necessary to learn the TM technique. Financial support for such a group is the first priority.

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“The hypothesis definitely raised some eyebrows among our reviewers. But the statistical work is sound. The numbers are there. Taken at face value, this evidence indicates the discovery of a new technology to generate peace.”
Raymond Russ, PhD
Prof. of Psychology
University of Maine
Editor, Journal of Mind and Behavior