Permanent Peace
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Safeguard America
Safeguard the world
Create permanent world peace
3000 Peace Palaces

Safeguard America

A group of 2,500 peace-creating experts in Iowa
The first goal in the United States is to quickly increase social harmony and coherence within the nation. This increased coherence will provide scientifically verified protection against terrorist attack, while also allowing America to lead the world toward peace and freedom without the risks of war.


A beautiful new campus capable of housing 1,050 peace-creating experts has recently been completed in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, near the home of Maharishi University of Management.

Contiguous land has already been purchased to allow for further expansion of the new campus. Consequently, as more housing becomes available with future funding, the present capacity of 1,050 peace-creating experts will rapidly grow to 2,000 and beyond.

Experts to join an existing group
The 1,050 peace-creating experts who will reside on the Maharishi Vedic City campus will join an existing group composed of 1,500 students, faculty, and staff at Maharishi University of Management and members of the surrounding community—thereby raising total peace-creating attendance to 2,500 on a daily basis. Repeated research has shown that a group size of only 1,825 is large enough (given today’s U.S. population) to generate a measurable influence of harmony and coherence throughout the United States. In addition, more land contiguous to the present campuses is available—sufficient for 9,000 peace-creating experts altogether.

By maintaining and increasing the size of this peace-creating group, we can immediately transform America’s collective consciousness—reducing societal violence, terrorism, and war at a total cost that is only a minuscule fraction of current daily U.S. military expenditures. In addition, the harmony and coherence created in America’s collective consciousness by 2,500 peace-creating experts should make the raising of money for further programs much more expeditious.

Project costs for each participant
The total cost for each peace-creating expert at the Maharishi Vedic City campus will be $450 per month. This cost is divided as follows.

• $150 a month toward the cost of the campus

The campus includes facilities for the collective practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying (click here for more information), as well as student and faculty housing, dining halls, a central kitchen, roads, sidewalks, septic systems, electrical lines, a propane gas system, and landscaping.

• $300 a month for the living costs of each peace-creating expert

These expenses include meals, utilities, education, staffing, maintenance, clothing, health insurance, and personal expenses, including a small stipend.

Help Support the Peace-Creating Group!
Families can adopt one or more peace-creating experts, and have the satisfaction of knowing that their new child (or children) has the background, training, and expertise to increase peace at the most rapid possible rate. Families or individuals who cannot support the full monthly cost for a peace-creating expert can still pledge such support, by undertaking responsibility to raise a total of $300 each month in a cooperative circle with their friends and family. DONATE HERE >

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