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The group of 9,000 peace-creators will make India a lighthouse of peace  

A group of 9,000 peace-creating experts in India
The centerpiece of the plan for permanent world peace is the creation of a single supergroup—a permanent group of 9,000 peace-creating experts—at the geographical center of India.

Research has shown that the peaceful effect of such groups increases as the square of the number of meditation experts involved. Previous published research has shown that a large group of peace-creating experts (approximately the square root of one percent of a given population) gathered together in one place is sufficient to produce a powerful, demonstrable peaceful influence on a societal or even a global scale—an influence sufficient to defuse global tensions and reduce the incidence of violence and conflict throughout the world. As mentioned in the research section, the only group of this size previously gathered on an ongoing basis (1988–1990 in India) was associated with the end of major fighting in the world, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the sudden dissolution of the Cold War.

For the combined reasons of lower per-capita costs, widespread availability of trained experts, and currently secured land and facilities, this global group of 9,000 peace-creating experts would be most practically situated in India. The critical task of assembling and training these 9,000 experts is well under way, with a group of 2,000 experts currently in place and growing quickly.

India is the home of the ancient Vedic wisdom, which is the knowledge source of the powerful, peace-creating technologies of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced technique, the TM-Sidhi program. Consequently, instruction in these techniques can be integrated easily and cost-effectively into the current training of the custodians of the Vedic tradition in India, who are known as “Vedic Pandits.” Thousands of these experts have already been trained in these specific technologies of consciousness, and many thousands more are being trained in villages and cities across the country. From these will be culled the most proficient to comprise the core group of 9,000 experts.

Supporters have already acquired 1,800 acres of land at the center of India, and the basic infrastructure of roads, utilities, water, and communications is now in place. More than 200 buildings have been completed, capable of accommodating more than 3,000 peace-creating experts, and further construction is under way. At the current rate of progress, and with access to sufficient funding, facilities to house 9,000 peace-creating experts will soon be completed so that, from this one location, the peace and security of the entire world can be ensured.

In India, $250 per month is enough to provide each peace-creating expert with housing and full board, medical care, clothing, specialized further education and training aids, as well as a modest stipend. Also included is maintenance, administration and other expenses incurred during each peace-creating expert’s stay in the central campus. With 9,000 participating in the project, the total cost would be $27 million per year.

To ensure a constant supply of peace-creating experts for the main group in central India, the training program across the country has been designed to include

  • 20,000 young students in their own villages at a cost of $12 per month per student; and
  • 10,000 older students in residential training centers at a cost of $130 per month per student.

The annual cost for the training program is $18.5 million.

Therefore, the combined annual budget for the main group and training program is US $45.5 million. Assuming a 5% return on investment, an Endowment Fund for World Peace totaling $1 billion must be raised to provide $50 million per year to maintain this 9,000 group in perpetuity. To put this endowment in perspective, this one-time $1 billion investment is equivalent to a fraction of 1% of the U.S. military budget each year.

Since this 9,000 group would need to stay together permanently, donations will be kept in an independently managed account, and only the interest from this account will be used for support of the group.

Additional endowment needed to support a peace-creating group of 9,000 on a permanent basis: $1 billion.

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