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Create Permanent World Peace


Large peace-creating groups on every continent
The establishment of the global group of 9,000 in India is the first priority for creating world peace. However, additional large groups of peace-creating experts have already been established and are growing in many nations around the world (click here for examples). Ideally, every continent will host its own 9,000 group to provide a worldwide “engineering safety factor”—thereby ensuring that global harmony and peace are permanently maintained and that violent crime, warfare and terrorism will not be able to gain a foothold anywhere on earth. (Plans have already been developed for the expansion of existing national groups to 9,000; see, for example, in the U.S.).

Extensive research has already confirmed that groups of peace-creating experts can create measurable, positive changes in social trends—for example, significant reductions in crime, violence, terrorism, and war (see projected outcomes below). Therefore, existing groups smaller than 9,000 are already providing a powerful influence of harmony and peace for their own countries—and in this way are contributing to the onset of global peace.

Once acute social stress has been substantially diminished, achieving and maintaining societal peace becomes comparatively easy, and conventional diplomatic approaches to peace begin to meet with surprising success. This desirable outcome can be accomplished through the establishment of even a relatively small embedded group, or groups, of peace-creating experts, as has been described above and field tested in the Middle East and many other areas of historic conflict.

All that is needed today is that a government or military leader designates an appropriately sized group of participants who could be trained in the relevant, brain-based, peace-promoting technologies.

Once this approach has been implemented, the results will be:

  • A demonstrable, marked reduction in crime, terrorism, and social conflict within 60 days;
  • Indomitable social coherence—harmonious cooperation and integration of all segments and factions within a country—thereby strengthening and protecting the country against any disruptive influence from within or outside the nation;
  • With restored social order and security in the region, improved economic productivity, progress, and prosperity, and substantially less pressure on governmental departments and institutions charged with national safety and security;
  • With global implementation, a more peaceful and cooperative global environment conducive to the formation of stable governments, as well as a marked reduction of tensions and hostilities in critical historic hotspots—as seen repeatedly through this approach; and
  • As an added side benefit, improved health, brain functioning, readiness, and resilience among the policemen, soldiers, students, workers, or employees involved in the project.

There is nothing to lose and much to gain by acting now.

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