Permanent Peace
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3000 Peace Palaces

Structuring a Group of 9,000 Peace-Creating Experts in the U.S.

Successful defense depends not only on the level of stress within the collective consciousness of any given nation, but also on the stress within distant nations. Terrorist attacks can be planned and managed, and invasive warfare launched, from nations even a world away. To protect against such global threats, a global influence of peace is required.

Therefore, after the initial group of 2,500 peace-creating experts has been established in the U.S., the next step will be to increase this size of this group to 9,000 in order to extend its influence to the entire globe.

This group will be established in phases:

Phase I. A permanent group of 500 professional peacemakers—experts in specific peace-promoting technologies of consciousness—will be established immediately near the campus of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, where 1,500 students, faculty, and staff already practice these technologies (see the University website at The resulting, combined group of well over 17,00 peacemakers in close geographic proximity is enough, according to previous published research, to measurably reduce violence and promote positive trends in the United States.

Cost: Approximately $5 million to sustain this group of 500 for two years.

Phase II. The above core group of 500 professional peacemakers will be expanded to 2,000, leading to a total group size of approximately 4,000—enough for a pronounced effect of peace and positivity in the U.S. and throughout the hemisphere.

Incremental cost of 1,500 peacemakers: Approximately $15 million for two years.

Phase III. Maharishi University of Management will expand its student enrollment by 1,500 national and international students, resulting in approximately 2,000 additional peacemakers (including faculty and support staff).

Cost of 1,500 full and partial scholarships: Approximately $25 million per year.

Phase IV. An additional group of 3,000 professional peacemakers will be added to the above group of 2,000, bringing the total to 9,000 peacemakers—the square root of one percent of the world’s population, and enough, according to published research, to dramatically reduce global violence and promote positive trends throughout the world.

Cost of an additional group of 3,000 professional peacemakers: Approximately $30 million for two years.

Maintenance per peace-creating expert per month: $300

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