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Transcendental Consciousness defined
Transcendental Consciousness objectively verified
Benefits of Transcendental Consciousness
The Transcendental Meditation technique
The TM-Sidhi program
What is Yogic Flying?

What’s the Technology?

Transcendental Consciousness
is a natural experience

The key to peace creation is the experience of Transcendental Consciousness—the direct experience of the unified field of natural law—a state of inner peace. Each peace-creating expert is experienced in the subjective technology of transcending—allowing the mind to settle down deep inside until it transcends thought altogether. The mind is left wide awake, but unsullied by specific thoughts or perceptions. This is a state of restful alertness—the experience of Transcendental Consciousness.

Transcendental Consciousness connects individual intelligence with the unified field of nature's intelligence. The results are profound: Regular daily experience of Transcendental Consciousness leads to unprecedented individual growth and, experienced in groups, it produces an easily measurable influence of peace and harmony throughout society. DETAILS >

Scientific verification of Transcendental Consciousness: In Vedic science, the experience of the unified field during Transcendental Consciousness is said to take place in a fourth major state of consciousness—measurably different from the three commonly experienced states of waking, sleeping and dreaming. In recent decades, a large body of research has verified this description—identifying Transcendental Consciousness as a fourth major state of consciousness. DETAILS >

Individual benefits of Transcendental Consciousness: Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that regular experience of Transcendental Consciousness produces rapid and cumulative benefits for the individual—including (1) reduced anxiety, (2) increased creativity and intelligence, (3) enhanced psychological maturity to levels rarely seen in the research literature, and (4) improved physical health (including 76% less major surgery, 55% less cancer, and 87% less heart disease). DETAILS >

The Transcendental Meditation program: The research defining Transcendental Consciousness and its benefits has been performed on the Transcendental Meditation technique founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Because the TM technique is natural and effortless, because it is taught uniformly around the world, and because it reliably produces the benefits of Transcendental Consciousness, millions of people have learned the practice (more than two million in the United States). DETAILS >

The advanced TM-Sidhi program: The advanced TM-Sidhi program cultures the ability to think and act from the unified field nature’s intelligence. Practice of the TM-Sidhi program accelerates individual growth toward the total potential of human functioning—the state of enlightenment. More important, when practiced in groups, the TM-Sidhi program works powerfully to defuse societal stress and tension—creating peace in the environment. DETAILS >

The first stage of Yogic Flying  

Yogic Flying: During the first stage of Yogic Flying, the body lifts up and moves forward in short hops. Subjectively the experience is not just inner peace, but exhilaration, lightness, and an intense happiness often described as “bubbling bliss.” Yogic Flying, when practiced in groups, is the most effective of all the Vedic technologies for radiating harmony and coherence into the environment. DETAILS >

Note: Those of us who have assembled this site recognize that other approaches may also produce a peaceful influence—including prayer and other types of meditation. We also realize that in addition to the creation of an underlying atmosphere of peace, a great deal of highly specific work needs to be done to build a more ideal world—focusing on such issues as education, poverty, hunger, housing, and health care. We emphasize the Transcendental Meditation program, and its use by large groups, for two reasons:

    1. Of all the possible peace-creating programs, this is the one that has been scientifically shown to create a marked and measurable influence of peace throughout society, and
    2. This program, by creating a society-wide influence of harmony and coherence, promises to create the environment in which other, more specific programs can flourish.

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“The glory of Transcendental Consciousness can be experienced directly and recognized as the ultimate reality. The mind can be led systematically to the subtlest limit of relative experience and then, transcending this subtlest experience of the excited states of creation, it can reach the field of the ultimate, absolute, unmanifest state of least excitation—the unified field of all the laws of nature.”
Mahesh Yogi
Transcendental Meditation