Permanent Peace
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What is the primary cause of terrorism and war?
A field theory of consciousness
Creating Peace: Four central concepts
The power of peace-creating groups
The laws of nature and the will of God

The Power of
Peace-Creating Groups

The power of a peace-creating group grows rapidly with the size of the group. Studies indicate that the measurable effect on violence increases as the square of the number of experts involved.

The first published research on this effect showed that if one percent of a city’s population had learned the basic Transcendental Meditation technique, and practiced alone in their own homes, crime in that city fell significantly. But it soon became clear that the effect was much stronger when

  1. the advanced TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, was added, and
  2. the peace-creating experts gathered in a group.

In that situation, studies showed an N2 effect—if ten people gathered in a group, they had the effect of 100 practicing singly; 100 had the effect of 10,000, etc. The result, which has been demonstrated many times, is that (at current population levels) the peaceful influence begins to be measurable across the entire United States when a peace-creating group of 1700 meditates together. For the world as a whole, the effect becomes measurable with a group of 9,000.

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